Specializing in all things Palo Santo:

• Smudge Sticks
• Essential Oils
• Natural Incense
• Artisan Jewelry
• Laser-Engravings & Beyond!

We are a socially responsible business working toward the co-creation & cultivation of a sustainable palo-conomy one day at a time.

All of our products are direct from the source & made with love!


Mission Statement


One Love Holistics specializes in artisan handcrafts, sustainably sourced botanicals, & natural lifestyle products gathered from around the world. We believe in creating globally unified micro-economies through the universal art of craft. Adhering to fair trade standards of labor conditions and our materials sourced, we ensure an ethically sound, love-infused, full circle system of commerce from the origin of every product to its final recycle. We give back to the communities that give to us, and work passionately in the cultivation of the highest quality relationships and products. It is through a lovingly dedicated commitment & the power of creative collaboration with all involved, that we continue to push forward the collective vision of One Love Holistics daily.