Once a-palo-time, in a city by the bay....

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OLH was born on a sunny spring day.

It all began as a passion project in the iconic Mission-Dolores Park of San Francisco, CA. in 2015. With our roots in the classic city by the bay, we carved our niche in the community by bringing the spirit of Palo Santo to our most lively local gathering spaces. From Dolores Park to Stern Grove, Dog Patch to Baker Beach, Haight Ashbury Street Fair to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, we made the conscious decision to palo our path & to have fun while doing it. Five months & six countries later, we had finally made it to the source of our beloved Palo Santo trees. This moment marked the beginning of a long & beautiful journey to share the love of Palo Santo with as many other people as palo-ssible. Today, OLH products are carried in a number of herbal apothecaries, retail boutiques, wellness centers, yoga studios, natural grocers, & conscious online businesses around the world. 

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We're dealing with some real serious shift.

We value socially responsible business. We advocate for our customers & actively work to deliver the highest quality products & customer service. We operate with a loving intention & stay true to our mission to promote the responsible use of our sacred Palo Santo trees. We strive to embody the model of a benefit corporation by working with regards to all stakeholders, not merely those who hold shares. These stakeholders are the locals who live in Palo Santo's native dry forests: the families, businesses, schools, environmental conservationists, & the entire consumer base of Palo Santo across the planet: we are all stakeholders in the future of Palo Santo! Please Burn Responsibly.

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